California Secretary of State
1998 Primary Election - June 2, 1998
The November 1998 General Election site is at
Voter Guide / Ballot Pamphlet  |  Election Returns  |  Late Contribution Reports
Bill Jones PhotoThank you for taking the time to visit the official web site for California's first ever Open Primary election to be held June 2, 1998. I am pleased to provide this on-line ballot pamphlet and voter information guide once again for California voters to use as we all prepare to cast our ballots in this year's primary.

After the polls close on election night, remember to check back with this site where we will post LIVE returns as they are available from across the state.

And don't forget -- you must be registered to vote by May 4, 1998, to be able to cast your ballot on June 2.

I hope to see you all at the polls,

Bill Jones Signature

Find Your Polling Place
A list of links to county web sites where you can find out where to vote.
Voter Information Guide and Ballot Pamphlet
Includes the Certified List of Candidates. This is California's official source of information for statewide candidates and ballot measures - the electronic version of the printed Voter Information Guide that is mailed to all registered voters.
California Secretary of State Elections Division
Need to register to vote? Have questions about the new Open Primary? Want to review voter registration statistics or research historical voter turnout data? The Secretary of State's Elections Division web page has all you need -- and more.
Campaign Finance Disclosure
The Secretary of State's Political Reform Division receives candidate and initiative contribution disclosure reports and publishes summaries of campaign finance data. Check here for summaries of past election campaign finance data.
Live Election Night Returns on June 2, 1998
The political observer's favorite site. This is where you will be able to see live returns from all across California after the polls close on June 2. In November of 1996, this site received more than 1 million visits in a 24-hour period!
Late Contribution Reports on the Internet
Which candidates are receiving the most contributions in the last days before the election? During the final sixteen days before an election candidates are required to disclose contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours. For the first time this June, Secretary of State Bill Jones will be converting those paper documents into an electronic form for posting on this web site.
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